Let me start off by saying "Hello. Thank you and welcome." I'm glad and excited to be part of the URSOLUS PRODUCTIONS family.

I was born in Texas. Started scratching and DJ'ing when Breakdancing came out. My first vinyl release was in the 90s. Raised in the DJ world in Chicago, NW Indiana and Las Vegas from the 1990s to present. Grew up on Hip Hop music, Breakdancing, Chicago House , Techno , House , Dance , Club , Top 40 , Chicago Ghetto House , Soul , Funk , Motown , Disco , Latin Funk , Electronic Dance Music , World Dance Music , Live Bands and Live Performances.

I've been a Basement DJ, to House Party DJ, to Rave DJ, to Club DJ, to Traveling DJ, to NOW Music Artist Producer and DJ. I love where I'm at today, and I think this is where I'm going to stay.

Been making music since I started scratching on the TECHNIC 1200 Turntable, if you know what I mean. Just recently I became more involved with music production. Just for the simple reason that I love to see people dancing and laughing or even standing still bobbing their head to music or just plain out having a good time.

TO BE CONTINUED..............I'LL BE BACK WITH MORE OF ME. (That sounds funny!)


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